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Biking M5

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Biking M5 - Perfect Fitness με εντυπωσιακό design
Biking M5

Κουμπί-Μετρητής set, mode, reset. Concise interface, easy use, ergonomically-designed.
Bearing Ergonomically designed crown-shaped bearing with big diameter, reduce friction, more balanced rotation for the flywheel.
Προσαρμογή πεντάλ up/down:120mm(max)
Προσαρμογή πεντάλ fore/aft:120mm (max)
Προσαρμογή χειρολαβής up/down:70mm (max)  
Προσαρμογή χειρολαβής fore/aft:80mm (max)
Bάρος Τροχού 23.5kg
Μέγιστο Βάρος Χρήστη 110kg
Διαστάσεις 1175×550×1095(mm)
Καθαρό Βάρος 70kg  
Reading  scan, speed, distance, time, total distance, calorie
Driving mode  multi-ribbed belt drive
Key part Aluminum alloy used for all adjustments to stop abrasion and rustness.
Tight regulation for belt  available
Special Design Adopt tension pulley for tight regulation for belt, easier use, more durable. 
Τύπος οθόνης 35mm×65mm big window
Reading  scanning, speed, mileage, time, total mileage, calorie
Προβάλλονται στην οθόνη automatic scanning, manual scanning; automatic dislay off in 5min after stopping using the unit.
Shortcuts  set, mode, reset
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